Airport Improvements

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Project description and location

Pueblo Memorial Airport is located in the far northeast corner of the City immediately to the north of Highway 50. The airport is a department of the City of Pueblo, and is advised by an 11-member Airport Advisory Committee (AAC), of which the County appoints two members. The Director of Aviation, working with the AAC, has identified a series of improvements that are needed including stormwater upgrades, landscaping, and equipment purchases – with priority of projects in that order. CDOT Aeronautics has an equipment grant match program (50-80%), and the airport, using County 1A funds, intends to purchase used snow removal equipment from surplus DIA property.


Key partners for project

Lead partner for implementation:   Pueblo Memorial Airport and City of Pueblo
Current land/property owner: City of Pueblo
Long term maintenance/operations: City of Pueblo
Political or jurisdictional approvals: City of Pueblo


Project status

Design stage: improvements are conceptual and need full design
Entitlement approvals: required after design effort
Outside funding partner:   Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) 
Outside funding status: annual CDOT funding cycle – application required


Implementation timeline

Planning and design: engineering firm on standby with Airport – ready to begin design now
Community outreach: proposed community outreach through Airport and City processes
Construction: improvements in next 1-2 years
Procurement: City procurement processes will be used; equipment purchases can be made within 1-3 years from DIA surplus


Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate: budget of $280,000
Outside funding amount: target CDOT equipment grant match program – amount unknown
Funding required from 1A: $280,000
Explanation of costs: funding will pay for design, soft and hard costs of construction for stormwater improvements and landscaping around the airport and on adjacent roadways; equipment purchases for airport snow removal use
Long term maintenance: Airport and City 
Supporting documents: none


Next steps for project

Political: establish IGA for funding with Airport/City
Legal:  draft IGA terms
Design/construction: Airport/City should provide timeline and process within IGA



Project Site
United States
38° 17' 9.6792" N, 104° 29' 43.116" W