Arkansas River Trail Extension

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Project description and location

The Arkansas River flows through Pueblo County from the western border to the eastern border, and the trail system extension envisioned through the 1A Community Improvement Program is for the section of river east of downtown from the Lake Runyon area and heading east toward Avondale. A trail exists through downtown to Lake Runyon, beyond which sections of the river are on private property, and enabling a trail system will require easements and/or private property acquisition. The Pueblo County Pueblo Works department is currently working on a master plan to study trail extension options, expected to take multiple years to complete. Separately, the City of Pueblo has identified trail extension needs on the levee at Lake Runyon connecting to Wild Horse Creek. County staff is working with the City to understand options for this trail section.


Key partners for project

Lead partner for implementation: Pueblo County 
Current land/property owner: various
Long term maintenance/operations: requires further study
Political or jurisdictional approvals: requires further study


Project status

Design stage: masterplan underway; City has ideas for extension options
Entitlement approvals:  to be determined
Outside funding partner: future GoCo funding opportunities for trails, Pueblo Conservancy
District, and/or City of Pueblo
Outside funding status: potential, not yet committed


Implementation timeline

Planning and design: multi‐year masterplan underway; coordination with the City ongoing
Community outreach: required during planning and study efforts in future
Construction: not yet defined
Procurement: not yet defined


Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate:  unknown; budget of $2M
Outside funding amount: none identified
Funding required from 1A: up to ~$2M in future depending on final design
Explanation of costs: for the study efforts, then soft and hard costs of construction of a trail
Long term maintenance: requires further study
Supporting documents:  none


Next steps for project

Political: none
Legal: none
Design/construction: continue master plan; coordinate with City staff



Project Site
United States
38° 15' 20.9772" N, 104° 35' 54.8916" W