Colorado City Trails and Community Enhancements

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Project description and location

Colorado City is located in the southwest portion of Pueblo County, and has a series of greenway corridors through the community, including Lake Beckwith as a popular amenity.  Colorado City Metro District (CCMD) intends to repair and restore 1.4 miles of trail that surround the lake, currently in deteriorating condition, and add amenities surrounding the lake.  Volunteers for Community (VFC), a non‐profit, runs the Peaks to Prairie Susan Kalman Activity Center, located immediately downstream from Lake Beckwith and is a partially renovated clubhouse on a former golf course.  VFC intends to make significant upgrades to the building including windows, doors, ADA ramps, demising walls, and numerous building systems improvements.


Key partners for project

Lead partner for implementation: CCMD for the trail restoration, VFC for Activity Center
Current land/property owner: CCMD owns Lake Beckwith; VFC has 30‐year lease on center
Long term maintenance/operations: CCMD and VFC, respectively 
Political or jurisdictional approvals:  Pueblo County for building permits


Project status  

Design stage: CCMD plans completed; VFC is working with architect and has plans partially complete
Entitlement approvals construction permits required after design 
Outside funding partner GoCo planning grant used;  targeting GoCo request for improvements 
Outside funding status GoCo funding request targeted for Nov. 1, 2018 deadline 


Implementation timeline

Planning and design: CCMD and VFC can prepare final documents quickly
Community outreach: occurred during master plan, can occur with construction
Construction:  awaiting funding commitment; within 1‐2 years from funding
Procurement:   CCMD has process; VFC procurement needs direction from County


Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate:  $520,000 for trail restoration; $100,000 for center upgrades
Outside funding amount:  to be determined through GoCo request
Funding required from 1A:  $620,000  
Explanation of costs: design, soft and hard costs of construction for trail and center
Long term maintenance: CCMD will maintain trail, VFC will maintain Activity Center
Supporting documents:  Powerpoint presentation from CCMD and VFC from 2016


Next steps for project

Political:   establish IGA with CCMD and funding agreement with VFC
Legal:   draft terms for IGA and funding agreement
Design/construction:  CCMD and VFC should provide timeline and process within agreements



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