HARP Expansion

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Project description and location

The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) is a pedestrian‐oriented Riverwalk in the heart of downtown Pueblo, following the historic path of the Arkansas River before it was re‐routed around downtown. Schematic designs for HARP expansion to the east, extending the channel to Santa Fe Avenue, are complete, enabling the construction of a boathouse and yet also requires private land acquisition. Separately, a conceptual extension to the northwestern end of HARP is envisioned, requiring land acquisition of Upper Lake Elizabeth and also concerns for programming of adjacent land uses.

Key partners for project

Lead partner for implementation: HARP, City of Pueblo, Pueblo County
Current land/property owner: Various – public and private
Long term maintenance/operations: HARP – ultimately City and County through IGA structure
Political or jurisdictional approvals: HARP, City of Pueblo

Project status

Design stage: Schematic designs for eastern extension complete
Entitlement approvals: Requires entitlement and permitting depending on final project design
Outside funding partner: Required; City and/or Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority (PURA)
Outside funding status: Conceptual – under discussion by City and PURA

Implementation timeline

Planning and design: Final design for eastward extension ready to move forward
Community outreach: Required, will rely on HARP for public outreach
Construction: uncertain – requires funding partnership
Procurement: will follow HARP processes for procurement

Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate: $8.7M for eastward expansion and boathouse; land acquisition separate
Outside funding amount: required for land acquisition by City and/or PURA; not yet finalized
Funding required from 1A: $8.7M
Explanation of costs: funding for the design, soft and hard costs of construction
Long term maintenance: assumes HARP will maintain; enabling adjacent land uses key to expansion to grow CAM fees that fund HARP annual budget
Supporting documents: schematic design documents by Matrix Design Group Pro‐con analysis of eastward and northern expansion options by County

Next steps for project

Political: establish IGA for funding with City, PURA and HARP; continue discussion
Legal: none presently
Design/construction: HARP should provide timeline and process within IGA



Project Site
United States
38° 15' 49.4172" N, 104° 36' 21.942" W