McCulloch Boulevard Widening

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Project description and location

McCulloch Boulevard curves through Pueblo West as a arterial roadway to the north and south of Highway 50. The widening of McCulloch Boulevard is planned for the southern portion of the road, from John Powell Blvd to Nichols Road, including improvements to the intersection and turn lanes from McCulloch Blvd. to Nichols Road. Pueblo West Metro District (PWMD) has been awarded a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant that will improve trails, a bridge, and Nichols Road from McCulloch south into the reservoir. The FLAP grant requires a local match that can utilize County 1A and PWMD funds, enabling a major Federal project beyond the McCulloch widening and at minimal local expense.

Key partners for project

Lead partner for implementation: Pueblo County, PWMD, and Federal Highway Administration
Current land/property owner: Pueblo County
Long term maintenance/operations: PWMD manages roadways via IGA with Pueblo County
Political or jurisdictional approvals: Pueblo County and PWMD

Project status

Design stage: McCulloch Roadway widening needs design, FLAP grant ready for design
Entitlement approvals: required after design effort
Outside funding partner: Federal Government, Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), PWMD
Outside funding status: Federal Government and CPW committed, PWMD needs approval

Implementation timeline

Planning and design: County staff can manage design for McCulloch – within 1-2 years; FHWA design for FLAP grant project ready to begin now
Community outreach: required during design and construction
Construction: Construction over 1-3 years for both projects
Procurement: Federal process unknown; County procurement process for McCulloch

Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate: $3M budget estimate for McCulloch; $4.492M for FLAP grant project
Outside funding amount: $3.719M from FLAP, $269k from CPW, $73k from PWMD
Funding required from 1A: $3M for McCulloch, of which $431k used on McCulloch applies to FLAP $431k FLAP grant match: $100k in 2019; $331k in 2021
Explanation of costs: all $3M applies to hard and soft costs of construction on McCulloch widening, while simultaneously fulfilling grant match for FLAP
Long term maintenance: various components maintained by Pueblo County and/or PWMD
Supporting documents: none

Next steps for project

Political: establish IGA for funding with PWMD
Legal: draft IGA terms
Design/construction: engage County Public Works for design effort



Project Site
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38° 18' 47.4588" N, 104° 45' 4.6692" W