Pueblo West Parks

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Project description and location

The Pueblo West Metro District is responsible for governmental functions covering the community of Pueblo West, including parks and recreation. PWMD anticipates building an aquatics center in 2025, when tax revenues available to PWMD will free up and be available to borrow against and fund construction of an aquatics center. PWMD has requested that the 1A Community Improvement Program funding be made available in 2025 to support construction of the aquatics center.

Key partners for projet

Lead partner for implementation: Pueblo West Metro District(PWMD)
Current land/property owner: PWMD will own once built
Long term maintenance/operations: PWMD
Political or jurisdictional approvals: PWMD; possibly Pueblo County

Project status

Design stage: conceptual
Entitlement approvals: to be determined
Outside funding partner: Pueblo West Metro District
Outside funding status: PWMD committed as lead project sponsor

Implementation timeline

Planning and design: conceptual and ongoing – targeting 2025 construction start
Community outreach: required in future
Construction: not yet defined
Procurement: not yet defined

Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate: $12,000,000 budget estimate
Outside funding amount: all funding beyond County to be provided by PWMD
Funding required from 1A: $1,000,000
Explanation of costs: funding for the soft and hard costs of construction of an aquatics center
Long term maintenance: PWMD
Supporting documents: none

Next steps for project

Political: none
Legal: none
Design/construction: none



Project Site
United States
38° 21' 14.796" N, 104° 43' 25.2588" W