Southwest Chief to Pueblo

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Project description and location

Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, a multi-state passenger train, is anticipated to travel to Pueblo using a thru-car option to and from La Junta, thereby using BNSF and/or UPRR rails to deliver the train daily. Implementation of this service will cost tens of millions in funding, requiring Federal and/or State in partnership with the County’s funds. Initial work within the County can plan for the train, including identifying and conceptualizing a station location through a proposed Station Area Plan.

Key partners for project

Lead partners for implementation: Pueblo County, PACOG, City of Pueblo
Current land/property owner: Amtrak, BNSF, UPRR, station location TBD
Long term maintenance/operations: Amtrak
Political or jurisdictional approvals: Federal, State and local

Project status

Design stage: Station Area Plan (SAP) proposed and ready to begin
Entitlement approvals: not applicable at this time
Outside funding partner: PACOG funding for Station Area Plan
Outside funding status: Committed, ready to fund SAP in October 2018 or later

Implementation timeline

Planning and design: Station Area Plan to start in fall 2018
Community outreach: planning efforts will include community outreach
Construction: none planned at this time
Procurement: planning firm identified by County under professional services

Budget and cost information

Total cost estimate: Station Area Plan proposal of $221,003; full buildout costs unknown
Outside funding amount: $30,000 from PACOG
Funding required from 1A: $191,0003 for Station Area Plan; full buildout costs unknown
Explanation of costs: Station Area Plan will involve planning with local partners and community for station area location and details
Long term maintenance: operations and maintenance for a future station and Amtrak service requires further study
Supporting documents: none at this time

Next steps for project

Political: establish IGA or MOU among County, PACOG and City for Station Area Plan goals and objectives
Legal: Draft IGA and/or MOU for part
Design/construction: County contracting process for hiring of planning firm



Project Site
United States
38° 15' 47.2032" N, 104° 37' 1.9164" W