Welcome to the 1A Community Improvement Program

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Background on Ballot Question 1A Approved by Voters 

In the fall of 2016 the Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved Ballot Question 1A for consideration by the voters, allowing use of expiring Tax Incentive Agreements to fund a specific list of community improvement projects.  In November 2016, the Pueblo County voters approved Ballot Question 1A.  Specifically, the approval allows for the collection of the revenues up to $66M or until 2032, whichever happens sooner, to fund the 1A projects.

Creation of the 1A Community Improvement Program

The 1A measure approved by the voters is significant in terms of the magnitude of the funds authorized and scope of the approved projects, and oversight of this effort requires staff time, BOCC oversight, and a thoughtful implementation process for each project.  A planning process started in November, 2016, to enable a program-level approach for this effort.  In February, 2017, the BOCC entered into a Program Management contract with Proximity Green to oversee the creation and establishment of the Pueblo County ‘1A Community Improvement Program’. 

Approach: the 1A Community Improvement Program process

A program-level approach recognizes that the 1A funds are limited and expenditures must be studied, planned, and scheduled, in order to provide transparency to this process and to maximize value to the citizens of Pueblo County.  Decisions by the BOCC will enable the projects to be funded, while at the same time considering tradeoffs required due to the unique timeline of 1A revenue availability between now and 2032 and due to each 1A project’s unique scope, schedule, and budget.  Many of the projects approved by voters are in the concept or schematic design phases, requiring further planning and design before construction can begin.  In addition, a financing structure must be utilized if any of the projects are to be funded in advance of 2021, the first year of the expiring Tax Incentive Agreements.

Work efforts within the 1A Community Improvement Program cover four areas:
  1. Program Management – key tasks include establishing the 1A program generally, integrating this program into Pueblo County staff functions over time, coordination with the BOCC for direction and approvals, planning the 1A finance strategy, guiding decisions for 1A projects, and maintaining the 1A communications platform over time
  2. Communications Strategy – developing and directing a robust and timely communications platform that provides timely information and transparency to decision-making and processes within the 1A program and the numerous 1A projects.
  3. Financial Strategy – development of a financing plan to advance the TIA revenues (which start in 2021) for the funding of 1A projects sooner, for the consideration of the BOCC approval
  4. Project Oversight – coordination with project managers for each 1A project for the development of a specific scope of work, schedule for the project, and budget for the project, in order to integrate the project’s needs into the 1A financing plan and overall approach.