Runyon Sports Complex (RSC) Long-range Vision Plan is Ready for your Review

Pueblo County and the consulting team led by Logan Simpson started working on this Long-range Vision Plan early this year. The process has involved gathering existing conditions, conducting a market assessment, and identifying alternatives and recommendations with the help of the public. A Public Draft Plan is now available for all to review (click here). To learn more about this project and contribute to shaping the future of RSC, you can join one of these events:


  1. Visit the RSC information booth at the Chile and Frijoles Festival on September 24-25.
  2. Register (here) for a virtual public meeting on October 13.
  3. If you cannot attend neither of these events but would like to share your input, you may do so on this form (click here).

What’s the Runyon Sports Complex (RSC) Long-range Vision?

This project was developed with the goal to increase opportunities for youth baseball and softball in Pueblo County. The Long-range Vision Plan (available on the project website, click here) shows how the current facility can be improved and where three fields can be added if additional land is acquired to the north and west. Currently, $7.2 million (2016 1A Bond funding) is available to construct portions of the more than $20 million Vision.  Priority projects were identified based on providing the greatest benefit to youth and the community, which is the addition of a large ballfield, and downsizing Dilorio Field to better serve girls softball and younger baseball teams.  Reducing the size of Dilorio Field and consolidating parking were necessary to fit additional fields between the existing fields and Phelps Creek.  The plan minimizes pedestrian and vehicular conflicts and improves wayfinding and perimeter security by reducing the number of pedestrian access points from three to two.  A main entry in the northern portion of the site will function as a focal point and include a drop-off loop with accessible parking spaces.  The main pedestrian promenade will be designed to accommodate emergency vehicles as well as shuttles for people who are not able to walk to their destinations within the complex.

Longer range projects are shown on the plans and include: constructing two fields with 230-foot outfields; adding shade to bleachers; installing synthetic turf to infields; upgrading dugouts and other areas to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act; upgrading sports lighting on select fields; renovating a structure for two indoor batting cages; upgrades, renovations, and expansions to existing structures and restrooms; consolidating maintenance functions into one location; and creating more attractive and fun outdoor use areas. If additional property cannot be acquired to add fields Pueblo County will shift its focus to improving the existing facilities.