Buy-Local board focuses on retaining money in Pueblo economy

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PUEBLO – Economic development traditionally seeks to bring new money into the economy, but it’s equally important to retain money in the local economy. Keeping our dollars local by deliberately choosing to spend money in Pueblo County, especially if you’re a government entity, improves the overall economic condition of the community.
That is essentially the mission of the Pueblo County Buy-Local Advisory Board. The advisory group is working to improve government and community purchasing processes to favor local business over far-flung businesses. On Wednesday, February 1, the Board of Pueblo County Commissioners appointed Diana LaMorris, to represent Agriculture, and small business owners John Myers and Kyle Groves to the three vacant seats on the Buy-Local Advisory Board. 
This year, the Buy-Local Advisory Board hopes to accomplish the implementation of a buy local retail and service marketing program.
“When Puebloans support Pueblo businesses our economy thrives. Yes, it’s easy to buy things online, by buying those same things at a local small business, your dollars give jobs to our friends, family and neighbors,” said Chris Markuson, Director of Pueblo County’s Economic Development and Geographic Information Systems (EDGIS).
The fourteen-member board is comprised of one member each from the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, the Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce, the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce, and the Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce, as well as four industry-specific citizen members representing agriculture, creative industry, food services and labor. There are also six general citizen member appointments that must demonstrate an interest in or connection to the local business and economy of Pueblo County.
CONTACT:                 For more information please contact Paris Carmichael, Pueblo BOCC Community Information Manager at
or 719-252-8550.