Air Quality

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Air Quality sample test monitoring complaints dust CFC asbestos inspections improving reduce vehicle emissions open burn smoke-free particulates pm10 pm5

Smoke-Free Air |

What We Do
Sample our air at a monitoring location for particulates-PM10 and PM5
Stationary source inspections and complaints
Fugitive dust complaints
Open Burning permits and complaints
Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Inspections
Asbestos investigations and complaints
Complaint investigation and response
For more information (719) 583-4307
Improving Air Quality
Tips on how you can help improve your community’s air quality:
Reduce vehicle emissions
Carpool, ride your bike, walk, or use public transportation whenever possible.
Combine trips when running errands.
Break idling habits
Turn your vehicle off when waiting for your kids after school.
Go inside of a restaurant instead of using the drive-thru.
Avoid warming your car up before leaving the house during winter months.
Learn before you burn
Contact the health department for a burn permit and notify your local fire department before burning. 
Compost or chip your yard trimmings instead of burning them.
Take yard waste to the landfill if you don’t compost at home.
Make sure your woodstove is EPA approved.