Emergency Preparedness

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South Region

Healthcare Coalition

The South Region Healthcare Coalition is a growing alliance of response and support agencies. The purpose of the coalition is to develop partnerships with member agencies and other stake holders to increase efforts in emergency preparedness. The current membership includes various organizations from long-term care, hospitals, behavioral health, emergency medical services, public health, emergency management, and more.  Membership is FREE.


The coalition is only as strong as the members that attend and participate, therefore each member is expected to:
• Attend quarterly meetings, once each quarter for a total of four per year.
• Actively participate.
• Be willing to collaborate with all coalition members.
• Complete recommended trainings as soon as possible to gain a foundational knowledge.


Meetings are held once per quarter, typically on a Tuesday from 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.  To best utilize time the meeting is continued through the provided lunch. The venue location is typically the Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment 3rd Floor Conference Room unless a member expresses an interest in hosting a meeting. Arrangements can always be made to accommodate the needs of the membership.  

Agendas and previous meeting minutes are sent out via email to all members one-two weeks prior to an upcoming meeting.  Requests for additions to the agenda can be made at anytime up to one month prior to an upcoming meeting.  All members are encouraged to make suggestions for agenda items especially those concerning presentations to meet deliverable needs, guest speakers, training exercises, or activities.

All meetings will have an interactive component to it which will facilitate partnership collaboration.  All meetings are centered on pooling resources as a coalition to support the health care and medical needs of our communities during any Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF8) emergency.


Recommended trainings include National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Structure (ICS). These courses will provide you with a foundation of knowledge needed to understand the concept of emergency preparedness and the tools necessary to effectively communicate with all members of the coalition.

For additional information email Larisa Oringdulph