Environmental Health


Our mission is to empower Pueblo's communities to live better, longer by ensuring that food service establishments, child care facilities, residential health, lead, emergency vehicles, body art establishments, mobile homes, and pools are in compliance with the respective laws while providing public education. As part of Environmental Health, we are committed to resolving situations posing the greatest risk to the public health. 

Food Service / Restaurant Inspections

Health and Safety

Laboratory Services

Land, Air, and Water Quality


Reporting a Complaint

If you have a complaint about air quality, a child care center, food service establishment, mobile home park, public accommodation, public swimming pool, residential housing, school, sewage, solid waste outside the city limits, smoking in a public facility, tattoo/body art facility, or any other item that is a nuisance or public health concern, please let us know. You may call the complaint line at 719-583-4307.

All complaints should have the following information:

1. What the complaint is about.

2. The location of the complaint, exact addresses/locations if possible.

3. The owner and occupant of the property if known (very helpful for nuisance and aesthetic type complaints).

4. The date and time the problem occurred.

5. Complaints may be left anonymously, yet leaving your name and phone number allows for the best follow up to take action.