Health and Data Reports

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A medical doctor looks at numbers such as height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more to determine the health of their patient. Public health’s patient is the entire community. In order to understand the health of the community, public health looks at data related to community and environmental characteristics, disease rates, disability status, and more.
Examining data is important for public health as well as partner organizations and community members. Data can and should be examined to determine where efforts and resources should be focused, if efforts are making a difference, and to determine where a community excels.
A specific report on the health of the community can be found by clicking Community Data and Reports on the left. For more information on public health data please contact the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment's Public Health Planner at 719-583-4353 or email.
Outside Sources of Data

The following organizations provide data; click the link to be directed to their site.

  • Colorado Health Indicators: data on a variety of health, environmental and social topics for Colorado counties, regions and the state.  
  • US Census Bureau: QuickFacts on Pueblo County related to demographics, housing, education, economy, transportation and business. 
  • Kids Count: state and county data on child well-being factors including child health, education and economic status.