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Upcoming Laboratory Closures

Thursday, July 4, 2019

In addition, cannot accept water Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Important Information Regarding Testing

  • Samples over 30 hours old and not in approved container are unsuitable for testing
  • Samples can be dropped off for analysis between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Thursday
  • Please do not send or bring samples that will be received the day before a holiday or on Friday

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment laboratory is a regional lab serving Pueblo and over 17 counties in southeastern Colorado. The lab is certified through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPH&E) for coliform bacterial analysis. Supportive analysis are provided to the department’s Community Health Division (STD testing) and Environmental Health Division (plague, tularemia, limited food analysis, etc.). Concerns regarding food and other environmental testing must first be directed to the Environmental Health Division at 719-583-4307.

Current Laboratory Fees Per Test

  • Presence/Absence for total coliform (includes E. coli) $20.00 (EFFECTIVE 1-1-12 has increased to $20.00)
  • Enumerated total coliform/E. coli $22.00 Water Sample Requirements (EFFECTIVE 1-1-12 has increased to $22.00)

All samples must be received within 30 hours of collection. Samples must be in a laboratory–approved container. Please do not send samples to be received on Friday or the day before a holiday. Call the lab to order sampling supplies.

Information on chemical testing can be found at:

Medical Sharps Disposal Program

This program is available to individuals, sharps disposal is no longer available for businesses. For information regarding where you can set up disposal for your business, please call 719-583-4318.

Sharps must be submitted in an approved medical sharps container. Containers including disposal are available in the lab for purchase.


  • Large (8.2 qt) container with disposal $15.00
  • Large container (disposal only) $8.00
  • Disposal of Small (1 qt container) $4.00.  Container may be purchased at most pharmacies.