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Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) is a cooperative agreement between the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and the state of Colorado. Many other states also participate in SIM. Colorado won a $65 million SIM award to integrate primary and behavioral healthcare, as well as disease prevention, and reform health care reimbursement structure in the state.

As outlined in the Operational Plan, Colorado SIM will recruit 400 primary care practices to participate in practice transformation efforts over the course of the grant. Participating practices will be split into three cohorts. The first cohort, consisting of 100 practices, has officially launched as of February 2016. Two additional cohorts of 150 practices each will be on-boarded in 2017 and 2018. The SIM practices will play an integral role in achieving Colorado SIM’s goal of providing access to integrated physical and behavioral health care services in coordinated systems, with value-based payment structures, for 80 percent of Colorado residents by 2019.   

SIM's overall goal is to increase access integrated and comprehensive behavioral and primary care services to 80% of Coloradans by 2019. This goal is to be achieved through the SIM Triple Aim.  

Better Experience of Care:

Access to integrated care for 80% of Coloradans and improvement in 15 clinical quality measures.

Lower Costs:

By increasing access to integrated care to 80% of Coloradans, SIM will save Colorado a projected $126.6 million in the cost of care by 2019 and $85 million in annual savings thereafter.

Improved Population Health:

Projected improvements in 12 areas of physical and behavioral health.

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s Grant

A significant part of Pueblo's grant includes discovering the gaps between behavioral healthcare services and the primary care referral process, along with what obstacles are faced in trying to implement integrated care. Through one-on-one interviews, research, and recruiting members of the Pueblo community to the Pueblo SIM Integrated Health Steering Committee, the goal is to help find resolutions to these complications.

Pueblo's Integrated Health Steering Committee is made up of a diverse group of members from the Pueblo community, with some specializing in the behavioral health field, while others come from various organizations that might be involved with different populations of the community and can provide Pueblo SIM with ideas on how to approach the identified methods of reaching out to people and local agencies. The Pueblo SIM Integrated Health Steering Committee members offer both professional and personal feedback to suggestions for the most effective ways to reach out to both community members and primary care providers. While working towards implementing integrated care, Pueblo SIM makes Pueblo residents aware of how crucial positive mental health is, while also reducing the stigma that has clouded it for so long through reduction campaigns.

If you are or anyone you know is interested in joining the Pueblo SIM Integrated Health Steering Committee and being a part of this great cause, please do not hesitate in contacting us (see the bottom of this page).


A Quick Start Guide to Behavioral Health Integration for Safety-Net Primary Care Providers

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