Swimming Pools & Spas

A public swimming pool is any pool that is intended to be used by the general public for swimming, bathing, or other related purposes and is operated by an owner, lease, operator, licensee or concessionaire, regardless of whether a fee is charged for use.

The Pueblo City-County Health Department’s swimming pool inspection program is one of the Health Department’s least known programs, but one of the most important. Water has the potential of transporting disease even if it looks clean and crystal clear. The swimming pool inspection program prevents the transmission of disease in swimming pools, hot tubs, and therapy pools through regularly occurring inspections.

The main objective of the swimming pools and spas program is to ensure that all presently operating swimming pools, hot tubs, and natural swimming areas are operated without endangering public health.

There are 77 swimming pools/hot tubs in Pueblo County, and approximately half of these operate only during the summer. Year round swimming facilities are inspected two times a year, as well as on a complaint basis. Seasonal facilities are inspected at least once during the summer months.

All public swimming pools, hot tubs, and natural swimming areas are required to meet the minimum requirements of disinfecting and bacteriological standards, as set forth in the “Swimming Pool and Mineral Bath Regulations”, available from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, Colorado 80246-1530, 1-800-886-7689. Additionally, the filter and pump system is inspected to make sure that the water is being filtered through the system properly. Locker rooms and chemical storage areas are checked for sanitation and safety purposes as well.

These rules and regulations are enforced through plan approvals and inspections. A fee of $42 is charged to these facilities for each inspection. Inspections for facilities operating twelve months are conducted two times a year and if a complaint is received. Seasonal facilities are inspected at least one time during the months of operation and if a complaint is received.

Plan review services are provided to proposed new facilities to ensure that they are built according to regulations and are constructed to facilitate proper operation and maintenance. Plan review fees begin at $105.

An extensive sampling program helps assure that they comply with bacteriological standards. If water samples are taken for bacteriological testing, a laboratory fee of $20.00 is charged. (EFFECTIVE 1-1-12 has increased to $20.00)

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