Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development Staff

Name Title Email
Joan Armstrong Director armstrong@pueblocounty.us
Gail Wallingford-Ingo Planner II gailwi@pueblocounty.us
Dominga Jimenez-Garcia Planner II jimenezd@pueblocounty.us
Kathy Burnsed Planner I burnsed@pueblocounty.us
Terrence Birch Assistant Planner bircht@pueblocounty.us
Anthony Cordova Land Use Inspector cordovaa@pueblocounty.us
  LQ & MJ Coordinator  
Jason Chamber Marijuana Inspector chamberj@pueblocounty.us
Tawnya Stringer LQ & MJ Administrative Assistant II stringer@pueblocounty.us
Louella Salazar Administrative Manager salazar@pueblocounty.us
Sandy Blanco Office Support Services IV blanco@pueblocounty.us
Sandra Smith Office Support Services IV ssmith@pueblocounty.us