Weatherization Day in Colorado

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Friday, October 30, 2015 is Weatherization Day in Colorado.  The designation of this day is intended to raise awareness of the Weatherization Assistance Program.  This free program, instituted in 1976, provides assistance to low-income families by providing cost-effective and energy-efficient improvements to homes, thereby reducing the consumption of energy in both winter and summer months.

Weatherization improvements may include insulation in attics and walls, compact fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs, sealing air leaks, water-saving showerheads, furnace safety testing, possible replacement or furnace and refrigerator, and energy conservation information.  Home owners and renters qualify for services if they receive assistance from LEAP, TANF, AND, OAP, SNAP, SSI, and SSDI.  Households may also qualify if they meet the income guidelines.  Income guideline information can be found here.
Contact the Department of Human Services to receive an application for this free service: 719/583-6315.
Weatherization services are administered through the Pueblo County Department of Human Services, under contract with the Colorado Energy Office.