Nominate an older adult for Pueblo's Senior Citizen of the Year

Time is running out for Puebloans to nominate outstanding seniors to be recognized at this year’s Saluting Pueblo Seniors event. Applications are due on Friday, March 30, 2018.
Community service has numerous positive effects on the well-being of older adults:

  • The value of senior volunteers on the U.S. economy is estimated to be $75 million annually, according to the Corporation for National & Community Service.
  • Senior volunteers are making a difference in the lives of children, veterans, elderly, and disaster survivors – as foster parents, grandparents, senior companions, as well as volunteers in disaster assistance, civic service, food distribution, fundraising, professional non-profit management assistance and more.
  • Volunteering in later stages of life encourages older adults to speak up for themselves and others.
  • Provides social opportunities for older adults to bond and share common experiences.

Pueblo’s Senior Citizen of the Year will be at least 60 years old and have made significant contributions to the Pueblo community through volunteer services.  All nominees will be recognized at the annual Saluting Pueblo Seniors event on Friday, May 25, 2018, with a certificate and a corsage or boutonniere during the event.
Completed nomination forms can be returned to:
                Pueblo Area Agency on Aging
                2631 E. 4th Street
                Pueblo, CO  81001
                Fax #: 583-6323 or email to
For more information about the Pueblo Senior of the Year program contact Yolanda Arrieta at 583-6120.