Program Aims to increase jobs, tax base and economy

PUEBLO – A new program with goals of increasing local jobs, the tax base and the local economy was revealed at Razmataz Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  The Spotlight on Local Business Program, was developed by the Pueblo County Buy Local Advisory Board as a public education campaign to encourage purchasing from Pueblo County independently owned and operated businesses.

Increasing purchases from locally owned and operated businesses strengthens the local economy in these top three ways:
1.    Each local dollar spent at an independent business returns an average of three-times more money to the local community than one dollar spent at a national chain.
2.    Independent businesses employ more people per dollar of revenue.
3.    Small independent businesses create greater per capita income growth. For instance, in Pueblo County, if there is only a 1-percent shift in purchasing from local independents there would be a retention of an additional $4.8 million in our community.
The campaign will bring awareness of the diverse retail and service companies that the community has to choose from when making buying decisions. The Spotlight will include information about many aspects of the businesses which may include generational ownership, community contribution, and innovative products.
The Spotlight on Local Business program will collect nominations of locally owned and operated businesses in Pueblo County that meet certain criteria. Nominations can be made by independent businesses themselves or on behalf of an independent business at
The Buy Local Advisory Board will choose Spotlight winners every month and the winners will be recognized at Pueblo Board of County Commissioner meetings, featured on the Pueblo County website, Pueblo County’s social media channels and may receive earned-media opportunities from local partners.
The launch of Spotlight on Local Business program is the first of several educational campaigns to promote independently owned and operated businesses.
The Advisory Board will begin to review Spotlight on Local Business nominations at their August board meeting and the first of the Spotlight on Local Business announcements will be made in early September.
CONTACT: For more information, please contact Paris Carmichael, Pueblo County Community Information Manager at or 719-252-8550.