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Pueblo County opens the books with OpenGov

PUEBLO – Pueblo County is opening its books. The days of searching 200-plus page budget documents for elusive financial data are over. Pueblo County citizens and administrators are now empowered to ask the financial questions they want to ask and get the answers they’re looking for on demand.

Nation’s first-ever community socio-economic impact study on legal cannabis released

PUEBLO – The nation’s first-ever comprehensive socio-economic impact study on a community that has legalized adult use cannabis was presented by the Colorado State University-Pueblo Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) on Monday, March 12.  The final findings of the study, which was conducted independently by more than 30 Ph.D.’s, was presented for the first time in public to the Pueblo Board of County Commissioners.

Pueblo County centralizing social services campus

PUEBLO – Pueblo County is pleased to announce that the first step towards a centralized social services campus was completed on Tuesday, March 6, with the closure of the north side office, located at 805 Desert Flower Boulevard.
Previously, the placement of services, with the two offices spread out several miles apart from one another, made services hard to access by public transportation, was confusing and caused difficulties for those seeking assistance, as well as created efficiency issues in the operation of the department.

Pueblo County Briefing – 2018

The Pueblo County Briefing allows the public to learn more about the inner workings of County government.
You'll find community information, descriptions of County departments, names and contact information for elected officials and directors, information about who makes budget decisions and when, definitions of marijuana taxes as well as marijuana revenue and expenditure projections and more.

New grant to address jail overcrowding and substance abuse

A $438,168 grant is aimed at providing a diversion program in Pueblo County. The grant will fund the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) pilot program, an innovative pre-booking diversion program that will refer repeat, low-level drug offenders, at the earliest contact with law enforcement, to community-based health and social services as an alternative to jail and prosecution. 
Pueblo County Commissioner Garrison Ortiz hopes the (LEAD) pilot program will be operational by April 2018.

Pueblo County Scholarship grows to nearly $750,000

The world’s first cannabis-tax funded scholarship continues to grow with nearly $750,000 in funding available to graduating Pueblo seniors attending a local college or university.
Pueblo County hopes to award nearly 600 scholarships for the 2018/2019 academic year, which would be 180 more than the number of scholarships awarded in 2017. In 2017, 210 $2,000 scholarships totaling $420,000 were awarded. The exact number of scholarships and the amount of scholarships will be determined by the number of applicants, funding available and need.

Opportunity to make recycling economically comparable to waste disposal presented to Commissioners

Information that will help Pueblo County and trash haulers make business decisions about how to offer more recycling options was presented to the Pueblo Board of County Commissioners on Monday, February 5, 2018.
Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) presented the information, which was part of a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) analysis that was commissioned by Pueblo County and the Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG). 

Millions of dollars in opportunity waiting in Pueblo landfill

PUEBLO – A recent Waste Characterization Study has identified millions of dollars of opportunity rotting away in Pueblo’s landfill.

Seniors and disabled can work off property taxes

Any property tax payer at least 60 years old or who has a disability may volunteer their time to work off property taxes.
There are multiple eligible volunteer programs available in the Pueblo County Property Tax Work Off Program.
Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities

Pueblo County one of most solar-friendly communities in U.S.

PUEBLO –  Pueblo County was recently recognized for being one of the most solar-friendly communities in the U.S, by a program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. On Wednesday, December 13, Pueblo County was awarded a Bronze SolSmart plaque for the County’s work to remove barriers to solar growth.