42-2-108 C.R.S. Mandates the creation of a primary and secondary system of road in all counties.

43-2-111 C.R.S. Assigns these primary and secondary roads to counties for construction and maintenance. Roads, by definition, include bridges, culverts, footpaths and rights of way.

The Engineering Division workforce is comprised of 13 employees providing such functions as project surveying, roadway and bridge design, construction monitoring, land use review, capital improvement project management, hydrological studies, excavation and access permit management, transportation infrastructure planning, project planning, weed management and various other engineering-related functions. The Division's staff is supplemented through contractual arrangements with private sector consultants for such services as road and bridge replacement design, electrical system analysis and hydrological analysis. As mentioned above, the services provided by the Engineering Division are funded by the Road and Bridge Fund. Project-specific funding supplements these efforts depending upon the nature of a given project.


Work within Pueblo County Right-of-Way is regulated by Resolution 1986-283. The Resolution provides requirements for a Contractor to be eligible for receiving a Utility Excavation Permit.

  1. You must be a LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED, Contractor with Pueblo County
  2. You must register with the Pueblo County Engineering Department

The minimum bond in favor of Pueblo County is $2,500.00*, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability insurance is $500,000.00. You must be licensed with the Pueblo Regional Building Authority to use the on-line application (Provide Link). Upon registering below you will then be able to apply for an on-line excavation permit through the Permit Portal. REGISTER ON-LINE

*Large projects may require additional Bonding capacity which will be determined upon review of the project.

You may register to do Utility Excavation work in Pueblo County through the following on-line form or contact Pueblo County Engineering at 719-583-6040; Monday – Thursday; 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. REGISTER ON-LINE