Pueblo Chile attracts new business to Pueblo County

PUEBLO – Pueblo’s Board of County Commissioners welcomed Jojo’s Sriracha to Pueblo on Monday, June 19. The company was attracted to Pueblo after seeing the Pueblo Chile Grower’s Association’s Pueblo Chile branding campaign, learning about the Excelsior Farmer’s Exchange incubator kitchen space at the former Excelsior Middle School in Avondale, as well as the growth opportunities and support Pueblo County’s Economic Development Department offers to small businesses.
Jojo’s Sriracha produces two sriracha chile products. Their green and red sriracha use the highest quality chiles and is now sold in more than 80 stores across the country, with 80 percent of their sales comprised of direct online sales.
Jolene Collins started making Jojo’s Sriracha in Denver in 2010. After recognizing that she could take better care of her body, she decided to remove refined sugars from her diet, started reading food labels, and started practicing yoga. During that time, she noticed that her favorite condiment, Sriracha, contained sugar and preservatives, and she started to make her own instead. She selected high quality ingredients, no preservatives, and very little sugar for her sriracha, and found it was even more delicious than the widely-available go-to. She started a business selling the Ravenswood (red wine-infused) and green chile srirachas.
Collins has since been featured on the Cooking Channel, was filmed by Liza de Guia (a James Beard award-winning food documentarian), and has collaborated with Joel Peterson – the founding winemaker of Ravenswood Winery.
Earlier this year, Jojo’s recognized that their production space in Denver was too small to keep up with their demand. Collins also saw the Pueblo Chile branding campaign launched by Pueblo County in 2015, and recognized an opportunity to take her business to the next level. After visiting with Pueblo County’s Economic Development Department and the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers (AVOG), she decided to move her business to Pueblo.
“To be the first makers using Excelsior’s incubator kitchen is amazing. The facility is making all of our friends that are food producers in the Denver-metro area jealous. It’s really great to have this type of support for small businesses. It’s always what you want as a small business owner, but not something that’s always available, Collins said.
Jojo’s Sriracha is now utilizing roughly 5,000 square feet of the 25,000 square feet available in the Excelsior Farmer’s Exchange Incubator Kitchen. Collins has also formed relationships with members of the Pueblo Chile Growers Association, who are currently growing a mix of custom chile varieties that will become Jojo’s Sriracha. While Jojo’s has used some Pueblo Chile in the past, Collins is excited that her sriracha will now be made exclusively from the highest quality, tastiest, freshest chile available. Coupled with the business-friendly environment of Pueblo County, Jojo’s Sriracha is poised to expand and grow to new heights.
The Pueblo County Commissioners welcome this unique and exciting business to Pueblo, and look forward to their continued success.
CONTACT: For more information please contact Paris Carmichael, Pueblo County Community Information Manager at carmichp@pueblocounty.us or 719-252-8550.