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Play in Pueblo's City Center

Pueblo's City Center extends (south to north) from Mesa Junction to Mineral Palace Park, and (west to east) from Midtown Shopping Center to Sante Fe Avenue. Located at its core is the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk Project (HARP), also dubbed the "Riverwalk."


Like San Antonio, Pueblo's Riverwalk is an attractive outdoor regional destination that continues to bring new business and development to the area. More than 450,000 visitors stroll on the Riverwalk each year. On and around the Riverwalk is a mixture of unique boutiques, restaurants, cultural attractions, and year-round, heritage-based festivals that provide new experiences for locals and visitors.

Because Pueblo's origins stem from the thousands of European immigrants who arrived in the 1800s to work in the steel mill, and then blended with Native American and Mexican explorers, you'll find that Pueblo truly is the "Melting Pot of Colorado." Its rich history, great stories, and colorful diversity is captured for you to enjoy in several museums, art galleries, shops, and restaurants that are only a short distance from the Riverwalk.

We invite you to play in our Center, and experience all that makes Pueblo so great!