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If you are interested in starting a business in the City Center, please refer to the contacts below who can provide resources and financial support.

Business Support

Business Liaison Assistance Program
Visit the Business Liaison page for more information.

Small Business Development Center
Pueblo's Small Business Development Center offers "one-stop" assistance to small businesses, making a wide variety of information and guidance available in central and easily accessible locations. The Southern Colorado Main Office located in Pueblo, provides services for Pueblo, Fremont, and Custer Counties.

The Small Business Development Center provides free one-on-one counseling for both existing and start-up businesses. We also sponsor seminars and workshops designed to help small business owners improve their business knowledge and entrepreneurs plan their start-up business.

Contact the Southern Colorado Main Office today at:
301 N. Main Street, Suite 205
Pueblo, CO 81003
719-549-3224 or 888-642-6017 ext. 3224
Email SBDC
SBDC Website
Helping Businesses Start, Grow and Prosper!
SBDC Disclaimer

Financing Support

Southern Colorado Economic Development District
The Southern Colorado Economic Development District is a non-profit organization whose membership is the twelve counties of Southeastern Colorado. Our primary focus is to provide economic development planning and technical assistance to the twelve member counties (Baca, Bent, Chaffee, Crowley, Custer, Freemont, Kiowa, Lake, Las Animas, Otero, Prowers, and Pueblo counties).

Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD)
1104 N. Main St.
Pueblo, CO 81003
(719) 545-8680
(719) 545-9908 Fax
SCEDD Website

El Pueblo Inter-Development Corporation
Micro Loan Program
EPIC provides loans for small start-up businesses from $1,000 to $50,000. It is intended to address a wide range of needs among start-up and existing businesses not meeting conventional banking underwriting criteria.

The EPIC loan progam is intended to assist qualifying borrowers in growing their businesses to such a point that they eventually meet conventional lending criteria. EPIC provides loans to bridge shortfalls in the borrower's equity in relation to the lending requirements of commercial banks.

El Pueblo Inter-Development Corporation
c/o Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo
215 S. Victoria Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81003

Advertising and Marketing Support

Please consider joining your Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, Latino Chamber of Commerce, Pueblo Downtown Association, and Historic Union Avenue Merchant Association. Also, contact Pueblo City Center Partnership to find out how to become involved.


Tax Incentives for Businesses

Businesses can take advantage of two Federal tax incentives available to help cover costs of making access improvements for customers with disabilities:

• A tax credit for small businesses who remove access barriers from their facilities, provide accessible services, or take other steps to improve accessibility for customers with disabilities

• A tax deduction for businesses of all sizes that remove access barriers in their facilities or vehicles

A business that annually incurs eligible expenses to bring itself into compliance with the ADA may use these tax incentives every year. The incentives may be applied to a variety of expenditures; however, they may not be applied to the costs of new construction. All barrier removal must comply with applicable Federal accessibility standards.

Tax Credit

Small businesses with 30 or fewer employees or total revenues of $1 million or less can use the Disabled Access Credit (Internal Revenue Code, Section 44). Eligible small businesses may take a credit of up to $5,000 (half of eligible expenses up to $10,250, with no credit for the first $250) to offset their costs for access, including barrier removal from their facilities (e.g., widening a doorway, installing a ramp), provision of accessibility services (e.g., sign language interpreters), provision of printed material in alternate formats (e.g., large-print, audio, Braille), and provision or modification of equipment.

Tax Incentives Forms and Publications
Visit the Internal Revenue Service website at or call
800-829-3676 (voice); 800-829-4059 (TTY) to order the necessary business forms and publications: Form 8826 (Disabled Access Credit) andPublication 535 “Business Expenses” (tax deduction).