Pueblo County centralizing social services campus

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PUEBLO – Pueblo County is pleased to announce that the first step towards a centralized social services campus was completed on Tuesday, March 6, with the closure of the north side office, located at 805 Desert Flower Boulevard.
Previously, the placement of services, with the two offices spread out several miles apart from one another, made services hard to access by public transportation, was confusing and caused difficulties for those seeking assistance, as well as created efficiency issues in the operation of the department.
The new centralized campus is less than a mile from the City of Pueblo’s main bus terminal and will be significantly easier to access by public transportation. The north side office was nearly four miles from the main Department of Social Services office, located in the Wells Fargo building at 8th and Main Streets in downtown Pueblo. Prior to the closure of the north side office, clients from the more impoverished areas of the community had to take multiple bus routes to access the north side office.
The Family Services programs that were offered at the north side office are now being offered at the new 9th Street location, formerly the First Baptist Church, located at 405 W. 9th Street.
Programs offered at the new 9th Street location include:

  • Family Services
    • Child Care
    • Colorado Works
    • Employment First
  • Child Welfare Programs
    • Visitation Center

Programs located at 201 W. 8th Street include:

  • Assistance Payments
    • Food Assistance
    • Medicaid
    • Adult Financial Programs
  • Adult Programs
    • Adult Protective Services
    • Single Entry Point
    • Medicaid Transportation
  • Child Support Services

LEAP applications can be dropped off at either location.
For further information, please contact the Department of Social Services at 719.583.6962.