Pueblo County one of most solar-friendly communities in U.S.

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PUEBLO –  Pueblo County was recently recognized for being one of the most solar-friendly communities in the U.S, by a program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. On Wednesday, December 13, Pueblo County was awarded a Bronze SolSmart plaque for the County’s work to remove barriers to solar growth.
“We have worked very hard to make it fast, easy and affordable to go solar in Pueblo County. Hopefully, this award and designation will send a signal to solar companies, both commercial and residential, that Pueblo County is open for solar business,” Pueblo County Commissioner Terry Hart said.
According to SolSmart, Pueblo County gets seven percent more sun than the world leader in solar, Berlin, Germany, and is 99-percent as sunny as the sunniest city in the U.S. – Yuma, Arizona.
During the month of November 2017, Pueblo had more than 20 days with high temperatures of 60-degrees or greater.
Pueblo’s sunny climate and solar-friendly government makes Pueblo County well positioned to capitalize on the economic development opportunities in the solar industry. 
The commercial solar industry has been heating up in Pueblo County. Pueblo County is already home to the largest solar farm east of the Rocky Mountains and has been entertaining an offer to build the world’s largest solar farm on Pueblo County soil.
SolSmart provides official recognition that the community has worked to remove obstacles to solar energy development, helping attract economic development and new jobs. According to SolSmart, 27.1 solar jobs alone would create an economic output of more than $3.5 million in Pueblo County.
Pueblo County achieved SolSmart Bronze designation by meeting objective criteria to show they have removed obstacles to solar energy growth. This included evaluating local processes for permitting, planning and zoning, and market development and finance. SolSmart also recognized Pueblo County for other activities, such as outreach and their work to improve resilience.