The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the collection of all real estate, personal property, manufactured housing and state assessed taxes. We are located on the first floor of the County Courthouse, at 215 W. 10th St, Pueblo, CO 81003. Our office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, except legal Holidays or those days designated by the Board of County Commissioners.  For more information, please contact us directly at the numbers below.

  (719) 583-6015 - Telephone                                          (719) 583-6526 - Fax

Within the Treasurer's Office, there are six departments:

Revenue Department - (719) 583-6690

  • Processes tax payments

  • Processes abatements and cancellations

  • Balances tax collections

  • Prepare and mail yearly and delinquent tax statements to taxpayers

  • Receives deposits from all County Departments

Personal Property - (719) 583-6532

  • Enforces Collection of Personal Property (Business) taxes

  • Prepares/Serves distraints on delinquent Personal Property Accounts

  • Prepares and refers delinquent accounts to collection agency

  • Prepares/Processes claims for taxes on bankruptcies

Redemption Department -  (719) 583-6689 or (719) 583-6528

  • Processes Redemption (delinquent tax) payments

  • Manages all matters related to Special District and Special Improvements

  • Issues Tax Certifications for Title Companies and Lending Institutions

  • Manages all matters related to tax lien sales

  • Manages the Tax Deferral program for the elderly

Manufactured Housing/ Mobile Home Department - (719) 583-6682

  • Issues moving permits

  • Purges mobile home titles

  • Issues Tax Certifications/ Authentications

  • Manages all matters related to Manufactured Housing tax lien sales

Accounting Department - (719) 583-6531 or (719) 583-6693

Maintains the receipts and disbursement of all the various funds in the custody of the County Treasurer as mandated by statute.

  • Monitors the activity of these funds daily and reconciles them monthly to a master ledger

  • Pay entities on a monthly basis

  • Investment of County funds consistent with safety and liquidity

  • Prepare annual and semi-annual reports

  • Prepares monthly reports for Board of County Commissioners

Treasurer's Deed Department -  (719) 583-6023, (719) 583-6694 or (719) 583-6527

  • Receives applications from tax lien buyers for Treasurer's Deeds

  • Manages all matters related to the issuance of a Treasurer's Deed