Project Description and Location

Beulah Mountain Park (formally referred to as Pueblo Mountain Park) is located southwest of the town of Beulah in southwestern Pueblo County, encompassing over 600 acres and home to the Nature & Wildlife Discover Center. Due to ongoing flooding and roadway issues, the improvements to the park are planned to solve ongoing stormwater issues including the replacement of culverts, swales, drainageways, erosion protection around bridges, rebuild roadways, and associated roadway work. The park roads are a vital connection to the National Forest hiking trails. Leveraging the County funds, the City hopes to land a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant to expand the improvement scope and budget.

Lead partner for implementation:         Pueblo County and City of Pueblo

Current land/property owner:               City of Pueblo

Long term maintenance/operations:    City of Pueblo

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      Pueblo County and City of Pueblo

Design stage:                        requires design effort

Entitlement approvals:         permitting for improvements after design

Outside funding partner:     potential Federal funding via FLAP program – not yet applied

Outside funding status:       tentative

Planning and design:     County staff can manage in‐house, can occur within 6 months City may take lead on FLAP grant application

Community outreach:    propose outreach during design effort 

Construction:                  following design, improvements within 6‐12 months

Procurement:                  County procurement rules apply if administered by County

Total cost estimate:                budget of $720,000

Outside funding amount:       $600,000 from FLAP grant 

Funding required from 1A:    $120,000

Explanation of costs:              funding for the design, soft and hard costs of construction

Long term maintenance:        City of Pueblo

Supporting documents:         none

Political:                          establish IGA with City for implementation

Legal:                              draft IGA terms

Design/construction:     direct County staff to prepare final designs