The Pueblo County Office of Energy and Economic Development (EED) administers the Pueblo Urban Enterprise Zone and the Revolving Loan Program. EED also acts as a liaison between the public and private sectors, which are involved with economic development in the community.

In addition, EED is host to the County's Economic Gardening program. Economic Gardening is an entrepreneur-centered economic growth strategy, focused on giving established businesses the tools they need to grow in the global marketplace. We help local business within Pueblo County compete by providing advanced, custom analysis with tools like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), competitive landscape analysis and customer psychographic profiling. Our economic development program looks to "grow" existing Pueblo County businesses - who create, on average, 85% of all new jobs.

Research from the US Small Business Administration shows that small businesses created between 60-80% of net new jobs since the 1990s, and currently employ over half of all US workers. The County's Economic Gardening program diversifies our economic development strategies by cultivating local enterprises to expand their market areas nationwide.

Our no-cost program uses GIS extensively to provide local businesses data-driven strategies once afforded only by Fortune 500 companies. We map and analyze customer data to develop specialized business growth plans. By employing psychographics, commercial and government data to identify markets where conditions are ripe for business expansion, we’ve seen dramatic growth in small business profitability, and in turn, several new high-wage jobs being formed.