Pueblo businesses that are owned and operated by residents of Pueblo County are eligible to be either self-nominated or nominated by a member of the community for a monthly Spotlight, which is selected by the Buy Local Advisory Board.  Businesses will be featured on the Pueblo County website, social media, and may receive other non-cash media opportunities from local partners. The “Spotlight” will be an avenue to recognize and bring attention to the diverse local business community with the intention of increasing local purchasing.


A business is eligible if it can answer yes to all of the following questions:

  1. Is the business privately owned or operating as a cooperative?
  2. Is the business located in Pueblo County, Colorado?
  3. Do the majority (greater than 50%) of the owners or directors who have a controlling interest live in Pueblo County, Colorado the majority of the year (greater than 50% of the time)?
  4. Is this business registered solely in the state of Colorado and independent of any corporate or national headquarters outside of Pueblo County?
  5. Does the business have full autonomy to make independent decisions including purchasing, operations, and distribution, as well as the name and look of the business?
  6. Does the business pay all of its own marketing, rent, and other business expenses (without assistance from, or payment to, a corporate headquarters)?
  7. Has it been in business for 90 days?


Recent Spotlights

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