Project Description and Location

The future extension of Joe Martinez Boulevard, running from southeastern Pueblo West to the City of Pueblo and possibly connecting into downtown Pueblo, requires study, political cooperation among multiple jurisdictions, and an outside (State or Federal) funding source as the primary tool to develop this project. The County 1A Community Improvement Program has specifically identified 1A funding for an extension grant match, whereby 1A funds would be utilized to attain outside funding using County funds as the local match. The Joe Martinez Boulevard extension is such a large project that it will require extensive time and commitment from multiple parties, in addition to funding, to bring this project to completion.

Lead partner for implementation:         Pueblo County, City of Pueblo, Pueblo West Metro District

Current land/property owner:                numerous – requires alignment study to confirm

Long term maintenance/operations:     requires study

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      numerous – requires study

Design stage:                        conceptual, requires study

Entitlement approvals:         to be determined

Outside funding partner:     State and/or Federal funding required for construction

Outside funding status:       none; no funding program exists to support the project currently

Planning and design:     uncertain; requires political direction to move forward

Community outreach:    none currently; required in future for study efforts

Construction:                  not yet defined

Procurement:                  not yet defined

Total cost estimate:                  $15M - $18M in 2018 dollars

Outside funding amount:        required from State and/or Federal Government

Funding required from 1A:     up to $3M as a local grant match

Explanation of costs:               support State and/or Federal Grant Match; design, soft and hard costs of an extension of Joe Martinez                                                                 Boulevard from Pueblo West to the City

Long term maintenance:         requires further study

Supporting documents:          none

Political:                          identify opportunities for political will to advance project study

Legal:                              none

Design/construction:     none