Project Description and Location

Lake Minnequa Park is a large, regional park owned and operated by the City of Pueblo, located in the southwest quadrant of the City, and includes a large lake, wetlands areas, natural grass areas, trails, basketball courts, and lawn area. Through a community master planning process, the City of Pueblo has identified and partially designed a series of improvements to enhance the park including restrooms, lighting, signage, parking, turf expansion, shelters and a playground, all currently unfunded.

Lead partner for implementation:        City of Pueblo

Current land/property owner:               City of Pueblo

Long term maintenance/operations:    City of Pueblo

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      City of Pueblo

Design stage:                       master plan completed, planned improvements partially completed

Entitlement approvals:        internal City approvals upon project initiation/funding, 6 months or less

Outside funding partner:    none; previous GoCo investments already made into park

Outside funding status:       not applicable

Planning and design:     City can provide in house design for some items immediately; others will use design‐build procurement;                                                             full design within 6 months or less

Community outreach:    Master plan with community input complete; propose outreach as designs are finalized

Construction:                  Some components can start before end of year; all work can be done within one year

Procurement:                  City may self‐perform some components; City procurement for others

Total cost estimate:                  $2,500,000

Outside funding amount:        none

Funding required from 1A:     $2,500,000

Explanation of costs:               funding would be used to pay for final design costs and the soft and hard costs of constructing the                                                                     improvements described above

Long term maintenance:        City will provide through the parks and recreation department

Supporting documents:         detailed budget and map

Political:                          establish IGA for funding with City, coordinate with City on intent

Legal:                              draft IGA terms

Design/construction:     City should provide timeline and process within IGA

ITEM                                                                                                   COST

restrooms/concessions building and surrounding plaza             $    600,000

lighting for parking areas, internal streets, and courts                $    400,000

signage                                                                                             $       60,000

parking lot improvements                                                               $    700,000

park turn area expansion                                                                $    530,000

shelters                                                                                             $      60,000

playground                                                                                       $    150,000

TOTAL BUDGET ESTIMATE                                                           $ 2,500,000