Project Description and Location

Main Street runs through the heart of downtown Pueblo, with many of the core civic, business and tourism related buildings and destinations fronting to this street, including the convention center. The stated improvements to support pedestrian activity, parking and enhance streetscaping are planned for the section of Main St. between D St. and City Center Drive, possibly extending further as the budget allows. A planning study is needed to coordinate improvements with the City’s masterplans for roadway designs in the surrounding areas. The City’s construction of a pedestrian crossing near the Convention Center will begin in September 2018. The planning effort anticipates studying both the Main St. and Union Ave. improvements in the downtown area, as both are 1A eligible projects.

Lead partner for implementation:         City of Pueblo

Current land/property owner:                City of Pueblo; public right of way

Long term maintenance/operations:     City of Pueblo

Political or jurisdictional approvals:       City of Pueblo

Design stage:                       study required to determine designs, then full construction documents

Entitlement approvals:        required after design effort

Outside funding partner:    US Economic Development Administration (EDA) and City of Pueblo

Outside funding status:       committed, Notice to Proceed by City for Sept. 2018 start

Planning and design:     City to hire planning and engineering firm; 3+ months for study effort

Community outreach:    proposed community process during study and design periods

Construction:                  following study/design, improvements within 6‐18 months

Procurement:                  City procurement processes will be used

Total cost estimate:                 budget of $2M planned; excludes EDA/City project

Outside funding amount:       EDA/City funding amount totals $3.2M, a portion of which applies to a planned pedestrian crossing of                                                                Central Main St. at the vacated Richmond Avenue (southern end of the Convention Center) including                                                                  decorative paving, traffic signal, ramps, sidewalks, and streetscaping

Funding required from 1A:     $2,000,000 – requires final design and bidding

Explanation of costs:              study costs, design, and soft and hard costs of construction

Long term maintenance:        City of Pueblo

Supporting documents:         none

Political:                          establish IGA for funding with City, coordinate with City on intent

Legal:                              draft IGA terms

Design/construction:     City should provide timeline and process within IGA