Project Description and Location

The section of Platteville Boulevard intended for reconstruction needs further definition, as the roadway exists within the City of Pueblo, in unincorporated Pueblo County, and curving through Pueblo West. This project was placed on the 1A project list with the intent of supporting interconnectivity between I-25 and Pueblo West, given the recently completed interchange at Dillon Drive and I-25. Multiple sections of Platteville Boulevard require reconstruction as this is a high traffic roadway now directly connecting to the interstate via Dillon Drive.

Lead partner for implementation:        Pueblo County

Current land/property owner:               varies

Long term maintenance/operations:    requires further study and project definition

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      Pueblo County; possibly City

Design stage:                       conceptual

Entitlement approvals:        required once project is defined

Outside funding partner:    none identified

Outside funding status:      none

Planning and design:     conceptual; requires study

Community outreach:    required once project is defined

Construction:                  not yet defined

Procurement:                  not yet defined

Total cost estimate:                 budgeted at $1,400,000

Outside funding amount:        none

Funding required from 1A:     up to $1,400,000

Explanation of costs:               funding for the design, soft and hard costs of construction

Long term maintenance:         once the roadway segment is defined maintenance requirements and responsible parties can be determined

Supporting documents:          none

Political:                         none

Legal:                             none

Design/construction:    requires coordination with City and/or Pueblo West staff to further define project and assess highest need for                                                   reconstruction