Tobacco use is not a habit, it is an addiction, and nicotine is what keeps people addicted.

Nicotine is in all tobacco products. It makes quitting hard. The average person tries to quit about seven times before succeeding. Quitting can be difficult, but not impossible.


El consumo de tabaco no es un hábito, es una adicción. La nicotina es lo que hace adictas a las personas y se encuentra en todos los productos de tabaco. Eso hace que sea difícil abandonarlo. En promedio, las personas que desean dejar de fumar lo intentan unas siete veces antes de lograrlo. Dejar de fumar puede ser difícil pero no es imposible.


Resources available (Recursos disponibles):

  • Colorado QuitLine – Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or sign-up online. Get one-on-one support from an expert quit coach. There is a chance to get free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), such as patches or gum.
  • SmokeFree – This website is loaded with information from how to quit, navigating challenges many face when quitting, how to stay smoke free, and helping others quit. With tools from online coaching, text message programs for 24/7 support, and mobile applications, consider using this resource to help make the next quit attempt your last!
  • Colorado QuitLine: llame al 1-855-DÉJELO-YA (1-855-335-3569) o inscríbase ahora. Obtenga apoyo individual de parte de un asesor experto para dejar de fumar. Es posible que pueda obtener terapia de reemplazo de nicotina (TRN) gratis, como parches o goma de mascar.
  • SmokeFreeEspanol: este sitio web cuenta con mucha información sobre cómo dejar el tabaco y hacer frente a los desafíos, cómo seguir sin fumar y ayudar a otros a hacer lo mismo. Ofrece herramientas, como asesoramiento en línea, un programa de mensajes de texto disponible todos los días y a toda hora y aplicaciones móviles. Considere usar este


  • Colorado Youth QuitLine – Available to anyone over the age of 12. Completely free, enrolling online can be done in five minutes. With a text message program to help deal with cravings, chat function to talk to a coach online, and complete confidentiality, this resource is fantastic to help all teens in quitting tobacco or vaping.
  • SmokeFree Teen – this resource is teen focused and expands services to include DipfreeTXT, how to quit vaping, and incorporates social media, like Instagram, to help support teens.
  • This Is Quitting – By texting “DITCHVAPE” to 88709, users will answer a few questions about their age and usage to receive more relevant messages. This is Quitting is an anonymous, free text messaging system designed to help young people quit vaping. With a focus on people 13 to 24 years old, this quitting program sends tailored text messages with information about the reality of quitting e-cigarettes. They will receive one message a day with information ranging from quitting strategies to encouragement from other young people who have used the program.
  • My Life My Quit: un nuevo recurso que permite a los jóvenes emprender el camino de abandonar el tabaco. Ofrece asesoramiento personalizado a jóvenes que quieren dejar de fumar o vapear. Inscríbase aquí para recibir asesoramiento.
  • Baby and Me Tobacco Free – Are you an expecting mom, new mom, or family member? Do you use tobacco? Earn free diapers for quitting! Call (719) 583-4392, or visit WIC today!
  • SmokeFree Women – Aside from getting involved with Baby and Me, Tobacco Free, this is an additional support to help moms and women for the start of a stronger, healthier, and more confident you.

SmokeFree 60+ – It’s never too late to quit. There are numerous benefits of quitting at all ages. Seniors can learn how to quit, living a healthier life to support their quit, and find best ways to gain immediate support to ease stresses of quitting.

SmokeFree Vet – You’ve served our country, now it’s time for the country to serve you. By accessing this resource, veterans have access to online coaching, text message program, Smokefree Veterans on Facebook, and countless articles and tools that are specific to veterans experiences and how to claim victory in tobacco free lives!

This Free Life – This campaign, designed to prevent and reduce tobacco use, provides authentic, credible messages from tobacco-free members of the LGBTQ+ community. The campaign encourages young adults in the community to draw inspiration from their peers. Use text programs, mobile applications, social media, and other tools to help LGBTQ+ young adults achieve their best through tobacco-free living.

My Last Dip – This website offers many resources for people trying to quit smokeless tobacco, or chew.