Pueblo History and Art Walk Kickoff - Blo Back Gallery, 131 Spring St., Pueblo, Co

Immerse yourself in the art and history of Pueblo! Enjoy guided tours of neighborhood walking trails, live music, vendors, raffles, and food trucks!

Hear from the artists who dedicated time and talent to revitalize the Bessemer, Bojon Town, and Eilers neighborhoods.

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Image of Pueblo Arkansa River Walk with the text: Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22! To celebrate, PDPHE is encouraging everyone in Pueblo to use the many recycling options available in town.

Furniture, household items, paint and oil, electronics, lightbulbs, batteries, and more can be recycled in Pueblo County. Check out the recycle guide for more information!

Pueblo Recycle Guide

Public Health Data and Resources

Data on Wastes Diverted in Pueblo County, 2022

(Data Source: Pueblo RecycleWorks)

Waste diversion is the reduction or prevention of wastes ending up in landfills using source reduction, recycling, reusing, or composting. Waste diversion helps to reduce the burden on landfills and disposal costs.

In 2022, about 162 thousand tons of waste was recycled in Pueblo County and about $42,000 was spent on rental and transportation for waste diversion in Pueblo County.

Bar graphs showing a comparison of Amount of Wastes Divered in Pueblo County in 2022 to Cost of Wastes Divered in Pueblo County in 2022

For COVID-19 data, information, and resources, visit the link below.

Pueblo County COVID-19 Data