Pueblo County’s Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Site Open on Friday

Pueblo County’s free drive-thru testing will be open Friday, May 22, for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 (body aches, loss of sense of taste or smell, cough, difficulty breathing, fever over 100.4 degrees, chills, headache, sore throat, and muscle pain) and certain groups of asymptomatic people. The testing site, which will end on May 29, is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the Colorado State Fairgrounds (enter through Gate 4 off Mesa Avenue and Gaylord Avenue). Individuals tested must be inside an enclosed vehicle for safety. No walk-ups or motorcycles are allowed through the testing site. The site is open to neighboring counties. Everybody being tested must be able to administer the test to themselves. The first 250 individuals each day will have access to drive up testing. No physician order is required, and all testing is free.

View a video of the COVID-19 Self-Swabbing Test https://youtu.be/vsQVxsQY3jc


District 70 Will Not Serve Lunch on Monday

District 70 will not provide lunch service on Monday, May 25 due to the Memorial Day holiday. The lunch service will resume on May 27. The district also announced the summer lunch program will begin June 1.


District 60 Sets Guidelines in Allowing Students, Staff to Pick Up Personal Belongings

District 60 has provided guidelines that will allow students and staff to safely return their personal materials and items from their school prior to the start of the summer break. Principals will work with school teams to plan for the best way to fulfill the task in their respective buildings. Social distancing practices will be enforced at all times. Specific times and dates will be communicated to families. This is not a time for social interactions and visiting but a time for students to gather personal belongings. The guidelines set are:

  • All staff entering a building must wear masks (gloves will be available for those that need them)
  • All students/parents must wear masks when entering the classroom or building
  • No more than four students, four parents and one staff in the classroom at a time
  • Main interior and exterior doors in use will remain open to avoid contact with door handles
  • Students should plan to drop off their media materials (school books, etc.) and curriculum packet assignment sheets in their classroom
  • A staging area to return technology will be available for students. Students will return chrome books unless they are scheduled to enroll in summer school programming
  • Schools will assign a schedule for students and will communicate directly with the families at each location in limited increments to adhere to social gathering restrictions.


Symptomatic Individuals Encouraged to do Pilot COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Survey
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched a short survey designed to track symptoms of COVID-19, even among those who are unable or do not need to get a test. The data collected in the survey cannot replace official case data confirmed in testing, but it may help public health officials track early warning signs that an outbreak could be imminent in each area or region. The symptom tracker is on the “do you have symptoms?” webpage on the COVID-19 website.


Pueblo’s COVID-19 Case Updates

Public health officials from the Pueblo Department of Health and Environment announced today nine new positive COVID-19 cases in Pueblo County.  The confirmed positives cases are a 22-year-old female, 31-year-old female, 31-year-old female, 38-year-old female, a 91-year-old female, a 16-year-old male, 48-year-old male, 56-year-old male and a 64-year-old male. Pueblo County has a total of 232 confirmed positive and probable* cases among Pueblo County residents. The total number of people testing, 4,092 is not reflective of everyone testing negative in Pueblo County.

*A probable case meets the clinical criteria and epidemiological evidence, yet it has not been laboratory confirmed with a test. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is now reporting probable cases across the state.


COVID19 Status Update for May 21, 2020
COVID19 Status Update for May 21, 2020


Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Pueblo by Age Group
Age Cases

0-9        4
10-19   5
20-29   35       
30-39   27
40-49   38
50-59   45
60-69   29
70-79   15
80+       23

Confirmed Cases in Pueblo by Sex
Female            128     
Male               93                   


Probable COVID-19 Cases in Pueblo by Age Group
Age Cases

0-9       0
10-19   0
20-29   4
30-39   1
40-49   2
50-59   2
60-69   1
70-79   0
80+      1

Probable Cases in Pueblo by Sex
Female             7
Male                 1
Unavailable     3


Pueblo County’s 14 COVID-19 Deaths
Death in Pueblo by Age Group

Age Cases

0-9       0
10-19   0
20-29   0
30-39   0
40-49   0
50-59   2
60-69   2         
70-79   3
80+      7


Help Protect Pueblo from COVID-19
To protect the Pueblo community and the most vulnerable, everybody has a responsibility to: 

  • Follow Governor's Safer at Home order
  • Wear a non-medical cloth face covering while out in public for necessary activities
  • Minimize social activities and being physically close to other people.
  • Isolate yourself if you feel symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, temperature of 100.4 or higher call your medical provider before visiting them.
  • Do not go to the emergency room unless medically necessary.  Contact your health care provider.
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly. 
  • Cough or sneeze into elbow or tissue. 
  • Stay home when you are sick. 
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Avoid close contact with sick people. 
  • Clean surfaces frequently touched. 


Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment encourages residents and media to seek out credible, reliable sources of information on COVID-19: 

All public and media inquiries in Pueblo are answered through the local hotline at Pueblo’s Joint Information Center. Pueblo COVID-19 Hotline is providing resources and answering questions 9AM – 4PM, Monday – Friday (closed in observance of government holidays) 719-583-4444.

At times, the Pueblo COVID-9 Hotline may experience a high volume of calls, please be patient and remain on the line and the next available call taker will be with you.