October 8, 2020,  3:30 p.m.  

The Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment is notifying patrons of the Sunset Inn of a possible exposure to COVID-19. The exposure time frame is from October 1 to October 6, 2020. 

“Anyone who visited the Sunset Inn between October 1 and October 6 should monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 for at least 14-days after being at the location,” said Randy Evetts, director of the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. “The Sunset Inn is following public health guidelines to clean and disinfect their business and assist in the contact tracing. We appreciate their cooperation and concern for their community,” stated Evetts. 

During the contact tracing investigation, it was found patrons did not provide accurate or complete contact information when signing in on the COVID-19 Onsite Screening form when arriving at the restaurant. Because of this public health is not able to identify everyone who may have been exposed. Public health is relying on the community to share this important information for patrons of the Sunset Inn. 

Three employees tested positive for COVID-19 over a 14-day period which according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, is an outbreak. The outbreak was confirmed on October 7. At this time, Sunset Inn has implemented all Public Health recommendations and has closed for 72 hours and will conduct a thorough cleaning and disinfection before reopening.  


Individuals who were at Sunset Inn during the noted time frame, showing any symptoms, even mild, should remain at home, contact their health care provider, and get tested. Free testing is available at the Colorado State Fairgrounds, West Mesa Avenue and Gaylord Avenue from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Saturday this weekend.  

Public health officials recommend employees and patrons keep in mind the following tips to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in public places: 

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 notify your employer, stay at home, and contact your health care provider. Symptoms may include fever or chills, cough, new loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea. This list does not include all possible symptoms. Visit www.cdc.gov for the list of symptoms as it continues to be updated with more information learned about COVID-19.   
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 stay home and isolate yourself from others in your household until your symptoms resolve  
  • If you have no symptoms but have household members who tested positive for COVID-19 or have household members with COVID-19 symptoms, notify your employer and public health to determine next steps 
  • If you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms when you arrive to work for the day, employees should immediately separate from other employees, report to your supervisor, return home, contact your health care provider and get tested 

Pueblo County has had 30 outbreaks, 17 are resolved and 13 are active. CDPHE’s report of outbreaks at facilities statewide is updated weekly on Wednesdays at covid19.colorado.gov/data/outbreak-data.  

Everybody has a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in Pueblo by: 

  • Follow Governor's Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors order. 
  • Follow the Governor’s mask order. 
  • Minimize social activities and being physically close to other people.  
  • Isolate yourself if you feel symptoms. Symptoms are new loss of taste or smell, headache, sore throat, cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea. This list does not include all possible symptoms. Visit cdc.gov for the list of symptoms as it continues be updated with more information learned about COVID-19.  
  • Seek preventative and routine care through your primary care provider and use the emergency room when medically necessary. 
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly.  
  • Cough or sneeze into elbow or tissue.  
  • Stay home when you’re sick.  
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.  
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.  
  • Clean surfaces frequently touched. 

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment encourages residents to seek out credible, reliable sources of information on COVID-19: