Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Shield

February 16, 2021, Pueblo, CO - Pueblo County COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic planners remained dedicated to their mission over the weekend, vaccinating more than 1,600 educators at COVID-19 vaccination clinics held at the Colorado State Fairgrounds Southwest Motors Events Center.  While initial plans for the childcare and education professionals were to vaccinate at the Pueblo Mall Drive-thru facility, persistent Winter Weather Warnings made it clear that conditions could create unnecessary hazards for the workers. 

“To say I’m impressed with the willingness of clinic staff to endure the weather to ensure those in the community received the vaccine is an understatement,” said Randy Evetts, Pueblo Health Director at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. “We pivoted to a weekend walk-in clinic because, while we still managed to vaccinate hundreds of individuals on Friday, we knew we had the resources and time to make a change that benefited everyone.”  Evetts said the in-door contingency plan was a coordinated effort between his staff and the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office. .  Evetts also acknowledged the Colorado State Fair and their willingness to accommodate the change in plans on such short notice. 

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor too was quick to acknowledge the partnership between the two agencies. “We have joint dedication and mutual effort to credit for our response to date, “said Taylor.  “This weekend, we were vaccinating our teachers, one of the highest groups on our vaccination priority list and we have seniors lined-up behind them, none of us were willing to fall thousands of vaccinated citizen’s behind in our plan,”  said Taylor, who had early discussions with the Governor’s Office and other state officials about ensuring teachers were among the first groups to receive the vaccine in Colorado.

Along with the more than 1,600 doses provided to education professionals over the weekend, the Pueblo Vaccination Clinic gave 660 first doses to seniors over 65, and 4,720 second doses to those who received their first dose in late January.  Organizers ended the 7-day stretch having administered more than 7,000 COVID vaccinations, a record week for the community.  The week of February 15th, the clinic returns to the Pueblo Mall as a Drive-through facility and will be open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, distributing more than 4,000 second doses to those that are due. The following week, plans include approximately 3,800 first doses for seniors that registered earlier this month.

Anyone wishing to register for the Pueblo Community Drive-through Vaccination Clinic must be 65 or older and not received their first dose of the vaccine.  Visit www.pueblovaxnow.com or call 719-583-4444 and choose the option for COVID-19 vaccine to register.