January 8, 2021, Pueblo, CO - Public Health held a pilot clinic today to begin vaccinating Pueblo County residents who are age 70 and older with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Today’s clinic tested the process of providing free COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 70 and older as public health prepares for community-wide vaccination of this age group which will begin January 11 at the Pueblo Mall. The clinics are dependent on the amount of COVID-19 vaccine the health department receives each week from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Vaccine is not delivered daily to Pueblo County.

“The pilot clinic ran smoothly today, and we continue to improve our processes with every clinic we provide,” stated public health director Randy Evetts. Evetts explained, “Moderna vaccine was provided to 175 people 70 years of age and older. This clinic will help guide how we will give vaccine to the community moving forward.”

Pueblo County began receiving vaccine three weeks ago, however, the amount received at each shipment and day of deliveries are dependent on how much vaccine the state receives and allocates to each county. Future clinics in Pueblo will be scheduled when shipments of vaccine are delivered to Pueblo.

Vaccine clinics for individuals age 70 and older in Pueblo County to receive COVID-19 vaccine will occur at the Pueblo Mall, the site formally used for COVID testing. The first clinic for the general public age 70 and older will be Monday, January 11, 9:00am – 5:00pm or until vaccine runs out for the day. This clinic is not for individuals under the age 70. Picture identification including birthdate is required. Those under 70 years of age will be turned away.

Individuals who have received a vaccination in the previous 14 days or are currently experiencing a fever are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccine and will have to return at a later vaccine opportunity.

The health department will announce future clinics on its website and to local media. The community may sign up for notifications about future clinics on the health department's website on the new webpage for COVID-19 vaccine at www.pueblohealth.org/vaccine or for those who are unable to access the internet call 719-583-4444. Family and friends are encouraged to help individuals ages 70 and older to sign up on the internet to receive notification of when clinics will occur.