Friday, January 15, 2021 Pueblo, CO- Thursday was a milestone day for Pueblo as more than 1,000 people 70 and older were vaccinated in one day.

“We are proud to reach this milestone for our community vaccination site and will continue with more clinics as vaccine becomes available,” stated Randy Evetts, public health director, at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. 

Just as the number of 70+ residents registered for COVID-19 vaccine hit 66% and first responders and medical professionals celebrated more than 1,000 COVID doses administered in a single day, Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment shared the drive-thru clinic would be closed until mid-next week.

After four days of successfully vaccinating individuals ages 70 and older for COVID-19, everyone is at a standstill while Pueblo County waits to receive additional vaccine from the state of Colorado, no sooner than early next week.

“While we are frustrated, we ask that everyone have patience recognizing we are waiting for more vaccine to arrive,” stated Randy Evetts, Public Health Director at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. Evetts added, “We are pleased at what Pueblo has accomplished this week with the vaccine Pueblo received. This is a great example of Pueblo coming together for the community with the help of many partners.”

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor celebrated the milestone but also acknowledged the frustration with the delivery system, “We have our mass vaccination process down pat, when you hit a stride and are forced into a full stop, it is discouraging but we have been in communication with the state several times a day and have high hopes for next week.”

Fortunately for many seniors, Pueblo’s free drive-thru clinic isn’t the only option for them to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  There are providers in the community offering vaccine to those ages 70 years of age and older including Kaiser and Centura, please contact your primary care provider for details.

Individuals ages 70 and older who have signed up to receive a vaccine at the Pueblo Mall vaccination site will be notified from an automated call the day before the next vaccination clinic will be held.

Since Monday, over 3,200 individuals over the age of 70 years old were vaccinated.

Individuals age 70 and older who would like the COVID-19 vaccine may sign up at the website or by calling (719) 583-4444.


Tips to Signing Up to be Vaccinated

  • You must be a Pueblo County resident age 70 or older to sign-up
  • Only Sign-up one time (additional sign-ups just put you further down the list)
  • Register each eligible person individually (by their name, not the care-givers name)
  • Only register for your first dose, not your second

Add 719-583-4444 to your cell phone contacts to know you are receiving a call for your COVID-19 vaccine.


Information for Individuals who Signed Up to Be Vaccinated
After individuals 70 and older add their name on the list to receive a COVID-19 vaccination they will receive an automated phone call from the call center with the phone number (719) 583-4444. Individuals do not need to call to confirm they are on the list to be vaccinated after they have signed up through the website or by calling the call center.

To reduce the chance the call center’s phone number is unidentified or blocked, identified as spam or an unknown call, it is encouraged individuals save the phone number as a contact in their phone. It can also be helpful to turn off the phone’s ability to silence unknown callers and spam to receive notifications about vaccines from the call center.

Individuals must answer the phone call to reply to the prompts to register for a date and time. The automated call system does not work when the phone call goes to voice mail and is not answered.