Project Description and Location

Pueblo West Metro District applied for a CDOT Safe Routes to School grant in 2016 and were unsuccessful in that request, having successfully obtain SRTS grants in previous funding cycles. The proposed improvements in the 2016 request are to construct a trail along S. McCulloch Boulevard between Hahns Peak Ave. and Joe Martinez Blvd., then head easterly along the north side of Joe Martinez Blvd. to Civic Center Drive. This trail improvement would create access from Swallows Charter Academy, the Pueblo West Library, Civic Center Park and local businesses, and eliminate a hazardous condition surrounding the school currently.

Lead partner for implementation:        Pueblo West Metro District

Current land/property owner:               Pueblo County

Long term maintenance/operations:    PWMD manages via IGA with Pueblo County

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      Pueblo West Metro District

Design stage:                      conceptually designed; full construction documents needed

Entitlement approvals:       construction permits required after design

Outside funding partner:   PWMD to evaluate CDOT SRTS grant cycle for FY19

Outside funding status:     tentative

Planning and design:    PWMD can provide most design in house; needs outside surveying

Community outreach:   CDOT process requires outreach; can/will occur via social media

Construction:                 contracting via outside general contractor; oversight by PWMD

Procurement:                 follows PWMD process; CDOT process if applicable

Total cost estimate:               $250,000 in 2016 $; anticipate costs near $275,000 if built in 2019

Outside funding amount:      none yet identified – CDOT potential

Funding required from 1A:   $275,000 – requires final design and bidding

Explanation of costs:             funds will be used for design, soft and hard costs of construction

Long term maintenance:       Pueblo West Metro District

Supporting documents:        2016 SRTS Grant application to CDOT by PWMD

Political:                         establish IGA for funding with PWMD

Legal:                             draft IGA terms

Design/construction:    PWMD should provide timeline and process within IGA