Project Description and Location

Rye Mountain Park is located west of the town of Rye in southwestern Pueblo County, encompassing trails, picnic areas, and a playground within a Ponderosa Pine forest setting. Enhancements to the park are conceptual and include softball field upgrades, upgrades to children playground to include ADA compliant equipment, restroom upgrades to include meet ADA compliance, and fire mitigation throughout the property to include a 10’ fire free zone around the property boundary. The anticipated timing for implementation is within a year once the scope of enhancements is finalized.

Lead partner for implementation:        Pueblo County

Current land/property owner:               Pueblo County

Long term maintenance/operations:    Pueblo County

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      Pueblo County

Design stage:                      conceptual, requires final design

Entitlement approvals:       Pueblo County

Outside funding partner:   none

Outside funding status:     not applicable

Planning and design:    County staff can manage in‐house, can occur within 6 months

Community outreach:   propose outreach during design effort

Construction:                 following design, enhancements within 6‐12 months

Procurement:                 County procurement rules apply

Total cost estimate:                budget of $200,000

Outside funding amount:      none

Funding required from 1A:   $200,000

Explanation of costs:             soft and hard costs of construction for enhancements, possible design costs depending on selected enhancements

Long term maintenance:       Pueblo County mains all improvements at the park

Supporting documents:        none

Political:                        BOCC to review proposed enhancements options

Legal:                            none

Design/construction:   direct County staff to prepare final designs