Project Description

Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, a multi-state passenger train, is anticipated to travel roundtrip daily to Pueblo from La Junta using BNSF and/or UPRR rails to deliver the train daily. Implementation of this service will cost tens of millions in funding, requiring Federal and/or State in partnership with the County’s funds. To begin planning for this potential service the County is preparing a Station Area Plan.

The Station Area Plan will help identify potential station locations and amenities that will enhance the passenger experience through an analysis of community input and technical design criteria. The analysis will include an investigation of a variety of sites in the area identified in collaboration with Pueblo County.

Southwest Chief Survey Results

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January 2020: Identify potential sites*
February - March 2020: Evaluate site alternatives
April 2020: Preliminary recommendations*
May 2020: Final plan
* Public meeting

Lead partners for implementation: Pueblo County, PACOG, City of Pueblo
Current land/property owner: Amtrak, BNSF, UPRR, station location TBD
Long term maintenance/operations: Amtrak
Political or jurisdictional approvals: Federal, State and local

Design stage: Station Area Plan (SAP) is being developed
Entitlement approvals: not applicable at this time
Outside funding partner: PACOG funding for Station Area Plan
Outside funding status: Not funded

Planning and design: Began in late 2019
Community outreach: planning efforts will include community outreach
Construction: none planned at this time
Procurement: planning firm identified by County under professional services

Total cost estimate: Station Area Plan proposal of $221,003; full buildout costs unknown
Outside funding amount: $30,000 from PACOG
Funding required from 1A: $191,0003 for Station Area Plan; full buildout costs unknown
Explanation of costs: Station Area Plan will involve planning with local partners and community for station area location and details
Long term maintenance: operations and maintenance for a future station and Amtrak service requires further study
Supporting documents: none at this time

Political: establish IGA or MOU among County, PACOG and City for Station Area Plan goals and objectives
Legal: Draft IGA and/or MOU for part
Design/construction: consultant under contract to prepare Station Area Plan