Project Description and Location

The Public Works Department for Pueblo County has identified a series of roadway segments on the St. Charles Mesa that need road and drainage improvements, all located to the east of I-25 and south of the Arkansas River. Numerous road segments on this list are available for partial funding from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), including one project that received a funding grant in 2017 and construction is almost complete, planning for the County 1A funds to repay the roadway fund for the cost of this once project 1A funds are available.

Lead partner for implementation:        Pueblo County

Current land/property owner:               Pueblo County

Long term maintenance/operations:    Pueblo County

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      Pueblo County

Design stage:                     varies, to be performed internally by County PW staff if possible

Entitlement approvals:      Pueblo County

Outside funding partner:  CDOT

Outside funding status:     varies – conceptual to committed, depending on roadway segment

Planning and design:    by Public Works, for each road segment, one year prior to construction

Community outreach:   none

Construction:                 planned for 2018 to 2022

Procurement:                 County bid process

Total cost estimate:                $6,100,630 in inflated dollars – see budget table 

Outside funding amount:       CDOT funds expand projects beyond County budgets; $2.5M to 3M 

Funding required from 1A:    $6,100,630

Explanation of costs:              Funding for the soft and hard costs of construction 

Long term maintenance:        Pueblo County maintained roadways 

Supporting documents:         Budget table by roadway segment 

Political:                        none

Legal:                            none

Design/construction:   numerous ongoing tasks including survey and field locates, design effort by Public Works staff, and construction bidding and contracting