Project description and location

Union Avenue exists exclusively within the downtown Pueblo area and parallels Main Street from southwest of the Arkansas River and running northeast to City Center Drive. The Union Avenue Historic Commercial District is a century‐old business district with dozens of historically designated structures fronting Union Avenue including retail shops, restaurants, civic buildings and the crossing of HARP. The stated improvements to support pedestrian activity, parking and enhance streetscaping are not defined at this time. A planning study, in partnership with the Main St. improvements, is needed to coordinate improvements with the City’s masterplans for roadway designs in the surrounding areas.

Lead partner for implementation:        City of Pueblo

Current land/property owner:               City of Pueblo; public right of way

Long term maintenance/operations:    City of Pueblo

Political or jurisdictional approvals:      City of Pueblo

Design stage:                       study required to determine designs, then full construction documents

Entitlement approvals:        required after design effort

Outside funding partner:    potential funding from EDA or CDOT through City as lead

Outside funding status:      tentative, not yet applied for

Planning and design:    requires City to hire planning firm for study; 3+ months for study effort

Community outreach:   proposed community process during study and design periods

Construction:                 following study/design, improvements within 12‐24 months

Procurement:                 City procurement processes will be used

Total cost estimate:               budget of $1M planned

Outside funding amount:     none committed, potential after study effort

Funding required from 1A:   $1,000,000 – requires final design and bidding

Explanation of costs:             study costs, design, and soft and hard costs of construction

Long term maintenance:       City of Pueblo

Supporting documents:        none

Political:                         establish IGA for funding with City, coordinate with City on intent

Legal:                             draft IGA terms

Design/construction:    City should provide timeline and process within IGA