Drinking Water

Potable Water

All Pueblo County residents use a public water supply, private well, springs or cistern as their potable water supply. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has jurisdiction over all public water systems within the State, while the Pueblo City-County Health Department oversees private wells, springs, cisterns and local water vendors.

Private water supplies (wells, springs and cisterns) are not legally required to meet minimum standards. The Pueblo City-County Health Department,upon request, will inspect and make recommendations as needed to safeguard the quality of potable water in these private supplies.

The main objective of this program is to maintain and disseminate information to people using private water systems so that they can most effectively safeguard their own potable water supplies.

The private potable water systems that we inspect are not based upon a regulation with specific requirements. Therefore, this service is provided to the public as requested or on a recommendation basis. The only fee charged for this service is the laboratory fee of $20 to test the water samples.

We take water samples from potable water systems to determine the quality and potability of water. These samples are most commonly tested for coliform bacteria. Upon verification of the presence of coliform bacteria in a potable water system, we make recommendations on how to disinfect the supply; how to correct any sanitary defects in the construction of the system; and if needed, how to treat the water to make it safe for human consumption. We also, on occasion, will sample water supplies for mineral or chemical contaminants and make recommendations, as needed, to rectify any potential health hazards in regard to these contaminants.

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