Part of septic maintenance is working with knowledgeable professionals licensed or registered with the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment (PDPHE). Find the right professional for the right job.


Become an OWTS Professional

New OWTS professionals must obtain a license or registration from PDPHE. These professionals include Contractors/Installers, Cleaners, Designers, Certified Transfer of Title Inspectors, and Competent Technicians.


OWTS Contractors/Installers

Licensed professionals or companies who are specialists in the installation, renovation, and repair of OWTS.


OWTS Cleaners

Licensed professionals who specialize in the cleaning and pumping of OWTS and removal of waste deposited in septic tanks.


OWTS Designers/Engineers

Specialists who use site evaluation and investigation information to select an appropriate OWTS and prepare a design document in accordance with Colorado’s Regulation VIII.


Certified Transfer of Title Inspectors

Inspectors who are certified by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT). They inspect homes or buildings/facilities served by an OWTS to demonstrate the system is functioning according to design prior to sale of a home or commercial building/facility.


OWTS Competent/Soil Technicians

Professionals designated by a local public health agency who can conduct and interpret the results of soil profile test pit excavations, profile holes, percolation tests, and site evaluations.